Purpose of Project:
This project is a realignment of University Drive and is part of the Missouri S&T Master Plan.  

City of Rolla Press Release – released 9/18/2020

The MS&T Master Plan was rolled out on Friday, September 18, 2020.  Click here to watch the presentation.  

Schedule of Project:

Benefits of Project:
Realignment of University Drive will provide a new direct connection to Miner Circle Drive which serves as the Missouri S&T campus front door. The new entrance to campus will be defined with new signage and landscaping that will clearly identify the access to campus and to student services.

University Drive Realignment Study Reports

Click the links below to review the study report and addendum on the University Drive Realignment proposed project.

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Proposed Relocated University Drive project area:

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Roundabout Design

Extensive intersection analysis and coordination with MoDOT and FHWA was undertaken to determine the best intersection type at the relocated University Drive and US 63 intersection.  Both a roundabout and traffic signal were determined to provide the necessary safety and traffic operations.  The study report and addendum concluded that an intersection with a traffic signal would be recommended due to smaller right of way impacts and lower overall cost when considering both construction and right-of-way.  However, the University thought the roundabout better fit with their new master plan and arrival district.  As a result, the University provided the funds for the additional cost of the roundabout.  After the cost difference to the TDD between the two intersections was equalized with the funds provided by the University the entire Move Rolla TDD Board approved the roundabout.  This intersection type best met the goals of the Move Rolla TDD program, City and the University of providing an intersection that improved both pedestrian and vehicular safety as well as traffic flow.  

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FAQs – Roundabouts

University Drive Realignment Study Report

University Drive Realignment Study Report Addendum