Kingshighway Construction Images

Kinghighway Project Updates

Public Meeting Exhibit – February 13, 2020

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Purpose of project:

The first step is to develop an Access Management Plan of Kingshighway from Highway 72 to US 63 (Bishop Ave.) to improve mobility and safety for pedestrians and motorists. The Plan will also identify other Kinghsighway improvements including aesthetics, utilities and sidewalks.

Schedule for project/construction:

  • Kick off – January 2018
  • Design – 2019
  • To be completed in 2020

Benefits of project:

Kingshighway has heavy volumes of traffic and safety problems. This project helps traffic flow and improve safety, not only for drivers but also pedestrians. This project will improve traffic on Kingshighway from Highway 72 to US 63 (Bishop Ave.) as well as improve sidewalk and multi-use paths.  Updates to the aesthetics such as improve lighting and landscape will also be investigated.