Purpose of Project:
The Bishop Avenue (US 63) improvements that are part of the TDD would include key intersection improvements, pedestrian signal timing, signage and wayfinding, access management strategies and policies and aesthetic improvements. This is the first phase of an ultimate plan to transform Bishop Avenue back to a main street for the community.

Schedule of Project:

Benefits of Project:
Improvements are intended to transform the corridor from a highway to a “Main Street” character, reduce visual clutter, and calm traffic by slowing vehicle speeds and reducing conflicts improving the pedestrian and bicycle environment. Complete street improvements may include a road diet through the reduction of a travel lane leaving one lane in each direction and a center turn lane with segments of median treatments where practical. The vacated lane will be repurposed to a separated bicycle lane and sidewalk. Other improvements will include improved crosswalks, access management improvements, gateways and aesthetic treatments. These improvements are consistent with the vision of the 2017 Missouri S&T Campus Master Plan.