In 2015 the City, Phelps County Regional Medical Center, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), and UTW Rolla (a private development firm) joint-funded a high-level major transportation study culminating in the Move Rolla Transportation Plan.  That Study ultimately led to the formation of the Move Rolla Transportation Development District and proposed a 1 cent transportation sales tax to address many critical transportation needs.  Formation of the District has been actively underway since spring 2016 and was approved by voters in January 2017.  The Plan evaluated a variety of possible transportation improvements over the next 20 years (estimated at $58 – 60 million).  It is projected that the bonding capacity over a 30-year term is estimated to provide capital improvement funding of $30 – 35 million.  The priorities of the Move Rolla Transportation Strategy include the following: